Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean park is the country's first marine theme park which opened its doors to the public on March 1, 2008.  Not long after, on March 23, 2008, I decided to check this park out.  At that time, it is merely the oceanarium and the entrance fee (if I remember it correctly) is 400.00.


Now, fast forward to 2013. 
A lot had changed.
A lot were added.

There are attractions like Trails to Antarctica, Aquanaut Voyage, Shark Encounter, Jellies Exhibit, Fish Spa, Glass Bottom Boatride, Funtasea, BOH, Marine Life Habitat and Birds of Prey Kingdom.  There are also shows such as Musical Fountain Show Revolution, The Sealion Show, All-star Bird Show and the Penguin Talkshow.

Armed with the eagerness to see these attractions (or at least some of them), I invited Sis Beng (my younger sister) for a day of fun and adventure with these amazing creatures.

Tip:  Check their packages/promos here.  Although it is not required to buy your tickets online or ahead of time to get the discounted rate, it is advisable to check their packages first so you'd be able to choose the ones you really like and plan your activities accordingly.

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