Baguio City: How we got there

Since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to visit the City of Pines, Baguio City.  When I got a lot older, read a lot about different places and been to quite a few of those nearby,  it was amazing that the desire to see Baguio is still there.

Maybe it is because the kid in me wanted to see what those students had seen during their field trip to that city a couple of years or so ago.  That field trip which unfortunately, due to some serious financial reason, I was not able to join.

Or maybe because everybody is talking about having been there - the weather, the parks, the zigzag road.  Their reviews weren't all good but still, I wanted to go.

Or maybe because...I simply want to.

So there!
When Kiboy agreed that we spend our first wedding anniversary out of town (and he's suggesting Ilocos), I saw that opportunity to include Baguio in the itinerary.

And came the objections.
Until one day, he learned that Mines View Park is actually home to the lovely dogs, Saint Bernard...and he soooo love dogs!
Objections? Nothing of course!

That, my friend, had placed Baguio City as our first stop.

Saint Bernard
We took the Victory Liner bus (Caloocan Terminal) going to Baguio City.  The trip is roughly 6-8 hours.

Tip:  Be at the terminal early.  Travel at night as the travel time tends to be longer during the day (considering the traffic situation).

Up Next:  Arrival and Mines View Park: Saint Bernand

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