The Best Birthday Ever: Concordia Children's Services

As you all know, we've celebrated our birthday in an orphanage.
No? You don't! Okay, the details are here and here.
Of course, you also need to know how the plans had started - it's here!

Anyway, Concordia Children's Services (CCS) is located at Old Sta. Mesa, Manila and is home to babies and children left by parents - oh how I wanted to scold those parents!  But aside from them, CCS also helps street and urban poor children through their Urban Poor Children Program.

Elementary kids under CCS Urban Poor Children Program were our special guests during our birthday celebration held in this room:

Thank you for allowing us to use the room!
There were games and prizes (of course!) and the kids were so energetic.  They didn't even want to eat!
Whenever 'Teacher Ressie' (one of the celebrants who was host of the day but sounded like a teacher) would ask the kids 'Gusto nyo na bang kumain?', they would say, 'Ayaw!, Laro pa!'
So game it is.

The first game was Paper Dance.

The second game is Banana Eating Contest.

The third one is Stop Dance.

And finally, Trip to Jerusalem.

After the fourth game, we decided to eat - because we (the celebrants and friends) were already hungry though the kids weren't!

Also, the kids had prepared a special dance number and a song number for us.
I will upload their presentations in the coming days (blogger won't allow me to do so today).

And of course, there's the gift-giving.  Again, thank you so much to all of you who have made this one-of-a-kind birthday possible -> the awesome people behind the event!

Some kids gave their birthday wishes for us.  Thank you!

The party ended with a birthday song - the loudest I've heard!
I will upload it, too.  Blogger just won't allow me today!

Our Very Special Guests
But wait, there's more!
We also visited the babies of CCS Residencial Care Program.

Now, I'd like you to meet the 3-month old, Mark

and some of his friends

Thank you, Concordia for accommodating us!

You may reach Concordia Children's Services here:

Phone: +63 354 6049
Tele Fax: +63 713 3461

or visit their webpage:


  1. very good idea....and to see those Kids so happy! Congrats and best wishes!

    1. Thanks, Mercy!
      It was a fun-filled afternoon despite the heat. We really had fun especially the kids!

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