Make My Day!

It has been a very tiring day.

Imagine, aside from enduring the heavy traffic, heavy rains, I needed to walk along Magallanes because of the super heavy traffic caused by some flood along the area. When I was finally at Pasay Rotonda, I thought everything is going to be 'as usual' but I was wrong.  LRT 1 was down  because of some technical issues which started earlier in the day (which unfortunately, I also needed to endure going to work today).

I rode the MRT instead.  The ride was pretty normal.  But arriving at Trinoma and riding to BBB was a different story.  There were very few buses and most of them are either full or super full.  As in, passengers are almost hanging from the bus door (for regular buses) and pressed to the glass door (for air conditioned buses). We even needed to knock on the bus door and beg the driver to let us in (the bus was very full by the way).

When I was finally able to ride a bus, I was seated (yes, I was able to sit a few minutes after riding the bus because some passengers got off at SM North) beside a pickpocket-maniac-drug addict-looking man who was trying to start a conversation with me.

Not the best day for me but yes, I'm alive, was able to get home late but safe, and I'm about to get some needed rest.

So, hooray for today!
I survived!

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