I Can Be Crafty, Sometimes

Aside from the occasional birthday cards that I have created for friends for the last couple of years or so and the birthday as well as baptismal invitations that I have created for my nephews, I haven't really been into crafts.

There are projects left unfinished because some materials were often out-of-stock or sometimes, I simply would rather choose to sleep than do them.

However, there are things that you really can't get from the store or you'd need to pay a lot just to have them. But to me, paying a lot is never an option.

So when our wedding date was set, I started to pull together all the creativity I could muster because most of the little details (based on how I wanted them to be) were very expensive.

Here are some of my creations for our wedding:

The Traditional Filipiniana Dress
- the base gown is the one I used for one of my friend's wedding wherein I was her maid of honor
- I added a panuelo (shawl) made of lace
- I also added a tapis (overskirt) which is made of a piece of fabric I bought in Divisoria a couple of days prior the pictorial. Hand sewed.
- My friend was not able to recognize the gown after I had transformed it into a Filipiniana dress

The Logo
- Since we don't have a theme for our wedding, I just created a logo of sort to be placed on all (or almost all) stuff for consistency of design
- We had it on our invitation, missalette, candles, souvenirs, table numbers and all printed stuffs
- Printed on sticker paper and covered with clear tape

The Invitation and Missalette
- I created the design for our missalette as well as the design/layout of the invitation
- Our invitation is like a photo book. Hand made by: Groom, Bride and Maid-of-Honor :)  But the bride is the primary creator :)

The Unity Candles
- Bought the candles at SM Department Store
- The brown fabric was originally a belt cut into three and wrap around each candle.
- Logo was place in the middle.

The Flower Girl Basket
- Bought the basket at Farmer's Plaza
- Hand-sewed a ribbon on both the top and bottom of the basket
- The handle was wrapped with a ribbon, too
- Bought the fabric flowers in Divisoria and pinned to a styrofoam which was attached to the basket

The Bridal Bouquet
- When I was young, I told myself that my wedding bouquet would be unique
- While browsing a wedding magazine, I saw a beaded bouquet and I fell in love with it.
- However, I don't want to spend 37K pesos for a bouquet so I decided to create this for myself

The Wedding Gown
- Ooops! It's not like I sewed my gown.  It's just that, I created the design for it.  Well, most of it.
- You may also check this and this for some other shots of the gown

So there, I hope to add more crafts in the coming days and months and years.
If you wish to know how to do any of these, just shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Happy weekend!


  1. Ronalyn, the work you did on your wedding is just amazing. How wonderful to be able to put your stamp on so many beautiful things. I love that you shared a photo of the traditional Filipiniana dress, and your gown is breathtaking!

    Thank you for joining us for Let's Get Social Sunday!

    Love, Joy

    1. Hello Joy,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      It was indeed wonderful to have made all those little things for our wedding. Aside from the fact that we saved a lot, we were also able to get what we exactly wanted.

      Thanks for hosting the Let's Get Social Sunday. I met a lot of wonderful people/bloggers there.

      See you around the blog!


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