(Mis)Adventures with Maring

It's a work day today and it's raining like crazy.

Normally, I would love it.  However, since I was also out of the office yesterday because of the same reason, I wanted to go to work today.

Yes, you read that right.  I want to go to work today.
I oh so miss my cubicle and my long list of To Do's.

Knowing that nobody else is going to finish all those stuffs for me, I packed my office clothes, sandwiches, left the comfort of our home and vanished into the rain.

I told myself:  I may get really wet but I'll get there and attend the 10 AM Control Plan meeting! (See, I'm not really that tamad!)

Oh well, BBB is already flooded knee-deep when I got there.  So I took a tricycle and went to A. Fernando St. which is still passable and no sign of flood during that time.  Going to LRT Monumento station was a breeze.

Since most of the classes and work on government offices were suspended, only a few of us were on the station.  In fact, I was already at the platform paid area after three (3) minutes!  On ordinary Tuesday, that would take around 40 minutes. :)

Some 30 minutes later, I was already at EDSA station.

And look!
There is a river!

See that yellow bus there? And the passengers who are being rescued?  That's the side of the road where I should go and catch a jeepney going to Bicutan.

The verdict?

No doubt.

So there.  I took the LRT trip back to Monumento station.

When I was already seated (an evidence that most of the LRT riders opted to stay at home), I saw that man in white.
Yes, that man whose face was half-captured in the photo (because there's this man(?) who was dancing (or maybe s/he was simply uncomfortable because of the weather) in from of him) was seated beside me on my way to EDSA from Monumento.

See? It wasn't just me who got scared of the Pasay flood.  That man, too! And who's not by the way?

Arriving at Monumento station, I decided to go grocery-ing!
Ooops! I'm not on panic-buying mode.  I just wanted to uhm...kill time (huh?).

After about 10 minutes Sa Tindahan ni Aling Puring, I was ready to get wet again.

Wet it is.  I needed to walk towards 10th Avenue just to cross the street so I could avoid the flood. And it took me around 20 minutes (after arriving at 10th Ave.) before I was able to catch a jeep going to Malinta/Malanday (that should be the sign board).

A couple of minutes into the ride, the lady seating beside me started talking.  Apparently, she was trying to start a conversation...with me. Seriously?  Well, she was looking at me so I guess, with me.

She goes:  Pag maaraw, traffic (maybe she means heavy traffic!).  Pag umuulan, baha!

As expected, the friendliest in me decided to ignore her comments, busied myself with my grocery bag and finally, attempted to take a photo of her (to be included on this post). :)

/sorry, I was not able to take a good shot/

She failed on her first attempt to start a conversation so after a few minutes of silence, she said (there she is again!):  Si Maring tumitindi pa, buti na lang pauwi na ako! Blah Blah Blah Blah!

Thank goodness, it's Tullahan bridge already.  I immediately got off the jeep and was welcomed by this:

This was A. Fernando St.  after less than three hours.
And yes, that's the route I took going home today.

After traversing that seemingly endless flood, I was able to catch a tricycle.
Woohoo! Home, I'm coming!

But wait, there's more.

The tricycle driver said that the fare is 15 pesos so I gave him a 20-peso bill (because I don't have enough coins).

Then he said:  Baka may barya ka dyan kasi wala talaga akong pansukli (but he was holding a coin - big enough I'm sure it is not a one-peso coin).

So I said:  Wala akong barya. Kung gusto mo, 10 pesos. Eto oh!

Him: Eto pala limang piso. (showing and giving me the coin he was holding!).

And I was right.  He was holding a five-peso coin.  He simply doesn't want to give me a change!

Wise huh!
But I'm wiser! :)

I was greeted by the lovely Kiboy at the gate (because I texted him to open the gate).

Thank God, I'm home. :)

Our Wedding in Pictures

We finally got our wedding album last month.  Wow! After what felt like forever.  :)

Nonetheless, I am happy because I got what I wanted.  I have asked the team to change or adjust the layout a couple or more times.  I have also asked them to change all the photos!  I and Kiboy had personally selected the photos that were included in the final layout.  And the same goes for the words/quotes.  I wanted to make sure that everything would be personalized.  We even included Kiboy's message during the on-site video (check out the Bridal March page).

The resulting album was absolutely worth the wait.  :)


Kiboy and Iswit
The Ultimate Love Story

March 17, 2012
San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila
4:00 PM

Casa Blanca
San Luiz Complex, Intramuros, Manila

Photos taken by Yeye Sta. Maria and Richmond Sarreal for Geromino Photographico


Chicken Sopas ala Iswit

Chicken, cabbage, elbow macaroni, carrots, baguio beans and evaporated milk,
cooking oil, salt and pepper to taste

Wash the elbow macaroni and place in a saucepan.  Add water, cooking oil, salt and the chicken.  Bring to a boil with occasional stirring.
Prepare the vegetables.  Cut/sliced into bite size.

Remove chicken from the macaroni saucepan when it is already tender.  Cut into strips.  Continue to cook the macaroni in low heat.

In a separate saucepan, saute the chicken strips and vegetables.  Then add to macaroni.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Add evaporated milk.


Note:  Other vegetables may be added as desired.  Hotdog would be a nice addition too!

My Very Own Version of Vegetable Salad

The ingredients are pretty simple: 
tomato, cucumber, carrot and mango - thinly sliced
dressing - in this case, honey mustard

Other vegetables and fruits maybe added as desired.  Peanuts, cashew nuts and raisins may go in as well.  Just always remember to include only those that you'll eat.  It would also be best to store each ingredient on a separate container to prolong freshness.