Amansinaya: The Planning

Planning for this year's team outing was a bit hard (especially so if there are people who won't cooperate).  But nonetheless, we pushed through with the planning (of course, with Ms. Con's guidance, perseverance and understanding).  We even invited some of our office mates.

Posing for the camera during one of our pre-trip meetings :)
Our destination: Amansinaya Mountain Resort  located at Laurel, Batangas.  The resort is great for those who love nature tripping and for team buildings as well.  It is roughly two hours away from Manila.

We got our tickets at Metrodeal for 340.00.  The original price of which is 938.00. Included on that amount are: entrance fee, use of swimming pool, mudslide, wall climb, zipline and a guided trek to Ambon Ambon falls.

Armed with our vouchers, we reserved May 19 for that would-be wonderful and fun-filled getaway.

Amansinaya: Day Tour Expenses

Below is the summary of our expenses for this day tour:
The above expenses were based on Kiboy's and mine.
The total jeepney rental, gas and toll fees were divided to 26 people.
The amount will also depend on your chosen lunch or if you opt to buy some other things/food during the tour.

Previous Stop: Infinity Pool

That concludes our 2013 Summer Outing/Getaway/Team Building.  Thank you and may we have more of this next year and in the coming years!

Amansinaya: Infinity Pool

The last stop of our Amansinaya day tour is the infinity pool.  When we got there, Kiboy was very excited that he was the first in our group to take a plunge.

Of course, everybody had fun under the sun (well actually, under the bridge) to avoid that frightening sunburn!

Me and Kiboy under the bridge :)
Group picture under the bridge :)

Note:  Be careful!  The bridge is made of sturdy stone.  You'll really get hurt if you bump into it.  Some of us did :(

Postcard-perfect background.
The underwater shot.  Thanks She!
Those who wish to stay overnight may stay in the guestroom/house shown below. The rates are available here.

Finally, here are my thoughts on the facilities at the Infinity Pool:
> Parking - big enough
> Pool - cold, clean and really big.
> Cottages - free of charge but are infested with flies.
> Garbage Bins - sucks big time!
> Shower room - shower not working, not well-maintained

Note:  If you intend to buy fruits to be taken home, don't buy here.  The fruits are way too expensive than if you buy them on the market.

Amansinaya: The Giant Soccerball and Rope Challenge

To get that team-building feeling, we divided ourselves into two groups for a mini competition: The Giant Soccerball and Rope Challenge.  The group who would finish the challenge faster wins the game.

The mechanics:
> each group will do the challenge separately (as there is only one giant soccerball).  They will be timed using Cha's ever reliable wrist watch.
> each group will have to roll the giant soccerball until it reaches the agreed place
> cross the hanging bridge
> cross the I-don't-know-how-it-is-called (please see the photo below)
> the time will be stopped once all members of the group is finish with the challenge
> the group with lesser time wins the game

Group 1: Ms. Con, me, Puree, Jenny, Kat, MJ, Michael, Ken

Group 2: Loida, Cha, Lei, Ressie, She, Brando, Kiboy, Donna

The winner is........: Group 2!
And the prize is......: The awesome feeling of being the winner :)

The next rope challenge is called The Tarzan Swing/Rope. I seriously think it should be the mud swing since you would fall on the mud in case you won't be able to cross to the other side.  Only a few of us had tried this and since it's the last stop for Pugadlawin Adventure Camp, everybody is excited to leave. As such, we have the fewest pictures on this side of the camp.

Previous Stop: Mudslide at Pugadlawin Adventure Camp
Next Stop: Infinity Pool

Amansinaya: Mudslide at Pugadlawin Adventure Camp

After my unsuccessful attempt at zipline and wall, we headed to Mudslide.  It is a 100-meter water slide (the water coming from those who are taking the shower at the top of the slide).  It is actually not the mudslide that I have envisioned.  But still, I have enjoyed it.

The Amansinaya mudslide is a big slide covered with plastic with water running in it.  I guess, it is called a mudslide because at the end of the slide, the dirty water-mud-fallen leaves-etc awaits you.  As in, yikes!
Top: Cha-me-Mj
Bottom: She-Brando-Puree
Kiboy was not allowed to slide because of his eyeglasses.  He was required to remove it so he could slide but he simply can't for safety reasons :)

Note: Follow the instructions of the guide and wear the proper attire.

Previous Stop: The Zipline and Wall Climb at Pugadlawin Camp
Next Stop: The Giant Soccerball and Rope Challenge

Amansinaya: Zipline and Wall Climb at Pugadlawin Adventure Camp

I have always imagined myself gliding through that zipline but the high 'launch pad' really scares me.  I can't even climb the stairs.  Bottom line is, I was not able to slide (but managed to get to the launch area).  It was so sayang!  Maybe next time. :)

Kiboy, on the other hand, had enjoyed the zipline so much while I enjoyed taking photos of him :)

At the other side of the zipline launch pad is the 40 feet high wall for climbers.  Oh well, I did not attempt to climb that (I remember having muscle pains when I attempted to climb the wall during UPLB's Feb Fair '13) as well.  I just watched Kiboy be the Spiderman that he wished to be :)  Some of our friends also climbed the wall (even the kids!).

For those who wish to have a light to moderate adrenaline rush, this side of the Pugadlawin Adventure Camp is for you.

Previous Stop: Ambon Ambon Falls

Amansinaya: Ambon-Ambon Falls

The falls is roughly two kilometers away from the drop-off point.  It is actually outside the Amansinaya Mountain Resort but due to its close proximity to the resort, a guided tour is being offered.

There is also a shuttle service that would bring guests to the drop-off point and back to the resort.  The guided tours are scheduled at 9am-11am and at 1pm-3pm.  We got the morning session to avoid the scorching heat of the afternoon sun.
Her Majesty.  Taken a few big rocks away.
Seeing the falls is such a delight.  The area surrounding it is clean.  The water below it: muddy.  I think that's normal considering the pressure of the water that disturbs the sand underneath.

The water is really refreshing.  Personally, I enjoyed a lot though there are more people than I have expected.

Top: Me enjoying the water; posing with Puree and Brando
Bottom: Chilling at the foot of the falls-Michael, me, Brando, Mami Tats, hubby and Ms. Con; Me and Kiboy
Previous Stop:  Trekking to Ambon Ambon Falls
Next Stop: The Zipline and Wall Climb at Pugadlawin Adventure Camp

Amansinaya: Trekking to Ambon Ambon Falls

It was a good 45-minute scenic trek to Ambon Ambon falls passing through hills and streams.  That recorded time already includes all our stops for photo ops :)
I am the photographer.  There were many pictures of this kind .
Lesson learned: Never ever leave your tripod behind :( Unless you'd like to ask somebody to take your picture...and you'll probably end up asking them most of the time that might annoy them.
Hubby and me posing at the hanging bridge :)
Or end up taking your turns one at a time that would not be that fun.
The first of the many streams.
The nth stop.
That's not Ambon Ambon falls yet :)
Previous Stop: Patio Filipino

Amansinaya: Patio Filipino

Our first stop at Amansinaya was at Patio Filipino.  It houses the restaurant, the spa and a swimming pool.  This is also the venue of the briefing for those who will have the guided trek to Ambon Ambon Falls.

We also had our lunch and afternoon snacks here.  Since guests are not allowed to bring their food, we had ordered our lunch at the Patio Filipino resto.

Note:  Reservation is a must.

Pork adobo for my lunch :)
She and Jen enjoying the afternoon snack: Pancit
The pancit was free (courtesy of Ms. Con) while we only paid 120 pesos for lunch which is already inclusive of softdrinks.  Not bad :)

Patio Filipino is generally clean.  The restroom is clean though small.  The cottage reserved for our group is big enough to accommodate all of us and from our place, we could see Ambon Ambon falls.  The staffs were nice and the food are good. There were mosquitoes though.