Our Wedding in Pictures

We finally got our wedding album last month.  Wow! After what felt like forever.  :)

Nonetheless, I am happy because I got what I wanted.  I have asked the team to change or adjust the layout a couple or more times.  I have also asked them to change all the photos!  I and Kiboy had personally selected the photos that were included in the final layout.  And the same goes for the words/quotes.  I wanted to make sure that everything would be personalized.  We even included Kiboy's message during the on-site video (check out the Bridal March page).

The resulting album was absolutely worth the wait.  :)


Kiboy and Iswit
The Ultimate Love Story

March 17, 2012
San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila
4:00 PM

Casa Blanca
San Luiz Complex, Intramuros, Manila

Photos taken by Yeye Sta. Maria and Richmond Sarreal for Geromino Photographico



  1. Thank you!
    I hope you'll enjoy reading my other posts.
    See you around. :)

  2. beautiful couple! =) u look so lovely on your wedding dress...

    1. Thanks for dropping by prettypracticalmom!
      Btw, I enjoyed reading your blog :)


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