Baguio City: Arrival and Mines View Park: Saint Bernard

Upon arrival at Baguio City (Victory Liner terminal), you will be greeted by tourist officers.  If you don't have a reservation to any hotel/guest house, these tourist officers will happily assist you.  They will also accompany you to your chosen accommodation for a minimum fee (I think that's 50 - 100 pesos.  That already includes the service car (see? you don't have to hire a cab).

Since we were already very tired, we opted for the nearest one - Tuvera Pension House.  The room is clean though the tiles were not well-maintained.  The pension house is walking distance to the bus terminal, SM Baguio and Burnham park.

After a few hours of resting, the Baguio City tour began.
Our first stop - Saint Bernard at Mines View Park

We took a jeepney going to Mines View Park and saw Botanical Garden, The Mansion and Wright Park along the way.  We did not get off the jeep to check those places out.  Instead, we went straight to Mines View and agreed to drop by the other tourist spots on our way back.

Upon entering the park, you will be greeted by this giant named Dee-jay (I invented the spelling of his name <3).  He's the first Saint Bernard to greet the tourists and locals alike making him the most popular.
This picture had completed Kiboy's Baguio City tour :)
My turn :)
Oh, how we missed Bruno and Max!
I think there are four Saint Bernards but two of them were rather small.  So we decided to have our pictures taken with only the two biggest.  The first is Dee-jay while the second is Mr. Shady (I also invented his name <3).

Super bigat!

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