Amansinaya: Patio Filipino

Our first stop at Amansinaya was at Patio Filipino.  It houses the restaurant, the spa and a swimming pool.  This is also the venue of the briefing for those who will have the guided trek to Ambon Ambon Falls.

We also had our lunch and afternoon snacks here.  Since guests are not allowed to bring their food, we had ordered our lunch at the Patio Filipino resto.

Note:  Reservation is a must.

Pork adobo for my lunch :)
She and Jen enjoying the afternoon snack: Pancit
The pancit was free (courtesy of Ms. Con) while we only paid 120 pesos for lunch which is already inclusive of softdrinks.  Not bad :)

Patio Filipino is generally clean.  The restroom is clean though small.  The cottage reserved for our group is big enough to accommodate all of us and from our place, we could see Ambon Ambon falls.  The staffs were nice and the food are good. There were mosquitoes though.

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