Weekender: Follow Your Dreams

Hello and welcome to the Weekender!
This time of the week is dedicated to my random thoughts about life, love and faith.  Mostly, they are the ones I would tell myself so I would be prepared to face yet another week - yes, the week ahead.

Let me share with you a story I have received via e-mail many many years ago.  It is a story of two brothers who, upon arriving at the condominium found out that the elevator wasn't working and won't be up sooner. Since they already wanted to get to their unit and get some rest, the brothers decided to use the stairs instead.  From the first floor to the tenth, the brothers were enjoying, talking and laughing.  However, when they got to the twenty-something floor (I forgot which floor it was), they were already fighting over who should carry their luggage as they are becoming heavier and heavier.  To stop the arguments, the brothers decided to just leave behind some bags.  Many bags were left along the way - on different floors. With less bags with them, their ascend was more relax and fun. Finally, the brothers reached their unit at the 60th floor. Though there were very exhausted, they were happy that they may finally get some (needed) rest.  However, they soon realized that the key to their unit was actually kept on one of the bags that they have left behind on the twenty-something floor.

Many times in our lives, following our dreams are difficult because of the current situation, the need to complete other tasks, responsibilities or even obligations.  Also, some paths to our dreams are uncomfortable, rough and rocky. Take for example those brothers who left their bags along the way. They may have had a more comfortable ascend but they also have left behind the key - the key to open their dream destination - their condo unit so they could get some rest. Fulfillment will only be achieved when we dared to take the uncomfortable path and follow our dreams.

In my life, I had left behind some dreams which I thought were too difficult to accomplish.  As I turn 30 this November, I'm promising myself to go back where I left those dreams some eight floors down so I could accomplish them (I hope it's never too late).  Also, I am creating a list of those things I so wanted to do when I was younger so I would be reminded and would never lose sight of the dreams - no matter how small they are. I will do this so I could track my accomplishments and when I finally reached the 60th floor, I will be able to tell myself how well I did in life.  Hopefully, I would be able to tell myself that I did a good job.

DREAMS, I'm coming to get you.  Get ready!

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