MSS Day4: Something Electrifying and Controversial!

My Secret Santa today isn't secret at all. :) Oh well, she keeps on denying it but I know for sure, she's the one.

When I opened my gift, I didn't say anything aside from 'Thank you!' then she was like 'May resibo po yan - 7 days warranty!'

We all teased her and reminded her of the 'Secret Santa' award on our Christmas party.  After realizing that she's losing the bid for the award, she explained (on a very defensive manner) that she was just telling me that the item (gift that I have received) has a warranty period of 7 days like every other item of its kind.  Good excuse.  But she went on to say where she bought it!

There, gotcha!

Okay, enough about the giver, let's talk about the gift.
Can somebody please tell me how did this became ELECTRIFYING and CONTROVERSIAL?

It's a doughnut-shaped (at least the upper portion) mini desk fan.  It's really cute and I'm sure, it's way too expensive than the agreed amount of gifts.

So, even though I can't think of ways to explain how did this gift fell into the category/theme, I'm still thankful.  And I really wouldn't care about the theme!

Thank you so much, [RESSIE]!

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