Christmas 2013: Decorations

Nativity Scene
Kultura, SM Department Store, SM City North EDSA
Price: 999.75
I'm thinking of getting the three Kings to complete the scene.

But I'm already happy to have the three most important characters :)

This is the Christmas look of our living area.  It will become a living 'room' soon - once I'm finished with with the curtains that will serve as room dividers.  More on that next time :)
On regular days (non-Christmas season), the Christmas tree will be replaced by a lamp.  I have to look for that perfect lamp though.

I placed a doily on top of the center table.  Since it's so plain, I decided to put on display our unity candles!
The doily costs 14.75 at SM Department Store, SM City North EDSA.  Though there are also other designs, I decided to buy this one because of its simplicity.
Bamboo stand for the candles and pebbles: from Mother :)

Our first Christmas tree!
Landmark, TriNoMa, North EDSA
Price: 2799.75 :)
I strongly believe that putting that .75 on the price tag is a marketing strategy.  Products with .75 on the tag look cheaper than they actually are.

Here's our Christmas tree with the lights on!
The accessories for the tree were from SM City North EDSA except for the eight glittery flowers which were bought from Landmark, TriNoMa.
Both stores have a wide selection of Christmas decors and most of them come in different colors!
For 2013, we're having a RED and GOLD Christmas! :)

And of course, we have a Christmas wreath on our bedroom door!  Although, we are having a red and gold Christmas this year, I opted for the multi-colored wreath because 1. the golden wreath I saw was not that - well, nice.  It's not worth it's price. 2. no red wreath was available at the time :( 3. so we won't need to buy another wreath for the coming years (when we changed from red and gold to say, pink and blue Christmas!).

Price: 300.00
SM Department Store, SM City North EDSA

Thank you for dropping by.
Happy weekend!

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