Zambales Trip: Beach House ni Dok

We stayed at Beach House ni Dok when we went to Potipot Island last May 19, 2012.  Well, it's not the best resort (at least based on the reviews I saw on other blogs) but we still decided to stay here since it's the cheapest that we saw (and an officemate had recommended it).

We had reserved two rooms: the couple's room for me and hubby and a room good for 7 people.   The couple's room is rather small - it merely fits a single bed and the bathroom is really a mess.  The room as a whole was not well maintained and the smell -  oh so - never mind.  The other room on the other hand had two beds. Though both are big, I don't think they are enough for 6-8 people (as was described in their blog and facebook account).  Nonetheless, we managed to fit ourselves in and  get some rest.  The resort itself though is nice - especially for picture-taking :)  The good thing is, the staffs were really nice and I guesss that compensates for the room :)
Highway side: signage
The Groto
Inside the beach house
The carabao inspired cottage
beach side
Looking at Potipot Island from Beach House ni Dok
Beach side: entrance to beach house; upon entering, you will see
 the reception and the dining area
With Manang, the receptionist :)
Bed#2 of the group room
Picture-taking on Bed#1 of the group room
Outside the Couple's Room
They also offer meals for 200 pesos per person.  The price is inclusive of three viands, rice and fruit dessert.  Ours were inihaw na bangus, sinigang na baboy, meatballs, rice and mangga.  The servings were really big and the food - great.

Lesson learned: Shoot first before eating :)

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