Zambales Trip: The Ride to Potipot Island

Beach house ni Dok also offers boat rental to Potipot Island for 500 pesos.  Each boat can carry a maximum of 8 persons and the boatman.  Since we were 9 in the group, instead of haggling the price, we convinced Kuyang Bangkero that we'll rent one boat instead of two.

Note: Do this at your own risk.  Do not do this if most of you are big as it would be very risky.  We promise not to do that again...Promise.

The boat rate already includes the life vest for each person.

Gearing up for the island trip
Kuya Bangkero explains how to wear the vest
all set :)

Potipot Island sa di kalayuan
at the island
The ride to the island was pretty cool.  It wasn't hot since we went there early in the morning and the waves weren't big.  The ride going back is a different story though.  The waves were splashing on us and it was raining.  It was supposed to be scary but I think, the afternoon ride going back to the beach house is more enjoyable :)

Beach House ni Dok
Up Next: Enjoying the Water and Sand of Potipot Island

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