Zambales Trip: The Cast, The Budget and The Mishap

The Cast
Mitch - She - Jen - Agnes - Ate Lei - Donna - Kat - Kiboy - Me

The Budget
For this trip, we only spent 2,000 pesos each.  It is inclusive of the van rental, gas, toll fees, food during the entire trip (1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch), boat rental, island entrance fee, beach house ni dok accommodation and fare going home.

The Mishap
We rented a van so we won't have to worry about catching the bus, unnecessary stopovers and anything that might delay our trip to and from Zambales.  However, on the day of our trip, it seems that the van rental company had forgotten that we had reserved a van.  Upon calling them a lot of times, they sent a van (which, according to their story, was borrowed from a friend who also has a van rental business) to pick us up.  Well, from there it looks like they are professional enough to even borrow a van for us.  However, the problem came when upon arrival at Beach House ni Dok, the driver said he has to go back to Manila since he has other prior commitments.  Can we do anything? The company said they'll send the van reserved for us to pick us up the next day.  But the next day came and we were in dire need to go home but again, the van company had forgotten that we were actually waiting for them.  Needless to say, we ended up commuting on our way home.

The cast at the bus terminal
Note:  I do not wish to disclose the van rental company because negative publicity is still publicity.

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