Zambales Trip: In and Around Potipot Island

Upon arrival at the island, you will have to pay 100 pesos if you're on day tour but if you'll stay overnight, you have to pay 300 pesos.

Note: If you plan to stay overnight, you have to bring your own tent as there is no room/accommodation on the island.

A dead tree
The powdery sand of Potipot Island

A horse? Of course not.
One of the very few cottages that can be found in the island
The fine weather when we got there - lovely!
After enjoying the do-it-ourselves sand spa, we decided to check the island out.  Walking around the island will take around 20-30 minutes.  But I think it took us twice (or more) as much since we had a lot of stops - apparently, for the seemingly endless picture-taking :)

Walking under the heat of the sun
Picture ng buhay isla :)
Posing with the water pump
Kiboy with the tree house
The girls on the dead tree
And yet another stop for a group shot
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