Weekender: Home Enhancements

I just want to share the enhancements I have recently made on our living room and bedroom.
The stuffs that I have used are on 50% off sale which we bought during SM's 3 day sale.
Remember the bags here?  Yes, they contain my newly bought curtains.

I bought the throw pillows and their cases at SM Mega Mall during its 2nd day of sale.

For the living area, I spent only a total of 1,790 pesos.
Curtain at 300 pesos each (2 pcs) = 600
Throw pillows at 120 pesos each (7 pcs) = 840
Pillow cases at 50 pesos each (7 pcs) = 350

All of them were on 50% discount so my total savings is 1,790 pesos!

For our bedroom, I have replaced the curtains with a new set to match the ones in the living room.

My blogging area :)
So for the bedroom, I only spent 600 pesos for the two curtains.

I seriously think, I need to put a chandelier in the living room, what do you think?
The dining area and the kitchen will be enhanced next week so stay tuned.

Happy weekend and happy week ahead!


  1. I would put a side lamp in the living room, in that Corner... everything´s ok and maybe a doily for the Center table..

    1. Thank you, Mercy for your input. I really appreciate them.
      I have some lamps here. I'll check how they would fit in the corner.
      I'll be hunting for the perfect doily for the center table this coming weekend. :)

      Thanks again.

  2. Oh my gosh, don't you just love the feel of a newly decorated room, especially when it's your bedroom. Super cute. I love the colors and the discount!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Sami!
      It really feels good when you are in a newly decorated room.

      See you around!


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