I am supposed to write about something else for this weekend but when I saw this photo on facebook, I thought, it would be great to post it here as well (aside from sharing it on my personal facebook account) so it would reach more people.

When I investigated, this photo had been in circulation since June of this year (at least the one that I got/saw on my facebook news feed).

Oh, I don't really love pets especially dogs.  I don't know why but I'm scared of them.  That is until I met this wonderful pit bull - BRUNO.

He's waiting for his master, Kiboy

Bruno sporting his backpack.  He's super excited to go out and have his usual walk.

This is taken from one of our walks.  He's trying to catch a fly.  Tsk! Not paying attention to the camera.

Oh! Bruno has a baby brother (although the baby brother is a lot bigger than him).

Meet Max, the naughty rottie!  We affectionately call him BADBOY!

Sad? But why? or maybe not. :)

 Max inside his sleeping quarter.  Ooopps! He's sleeping while on duty.

When I and their master Kiboy got married, Max was barely four months old (one day short of being four months old to be exact).  At the time, he needs to eat in the evening.  But since Kiboy won't be home until the next day (with me) and the rest of the household won't be home until late in the evening, Max went to our wedding - with a nanny!  He officially became the bridal dog. :)

See the man in blue? He's Max's nanny for the day.

Bruno and Max with the master :)


Many thanks to Joey Moonshine for the I'm against animal cruelty photo.

My Weekender offering will be posted later today.
So, stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for sharing, love the sweet pictures of the dogs!

    I have a giveaway going on, would love for you to check it out!

  2. Thanks, Jennie for dropping by.
    They are our guards. :)

    btw, I've already joined your giveaway.


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