An Open Letter to All My Friends: My 30th Birthday Wish

(I can befriend you, too if we are not friends yet!) :)
- How do you actually laugh in writing? HARHAR!-

Those who have the most, live longest!
-I'm not sure who said that but I have to strongly agree.

I'll be turning 30 this November and having said that, I had prepared a list of the simple things I wish to receive on my birthday.  It's only October but I thought of posting this already so you'll have enough time to prepare. :)

I only have three things on my list and they are very simple.  Oh, you don't have to give me all three.  You can just choose.  But you see, the more the merrier so I will be more than happy to accept all of them.

First and the most important of them all Gift#1: Birthday Book and Toy Drive (or should that be Drives?)
Anyway, if you have old and not-so-old books and/or toys (for children, of course!) you may give/donate them to me (I will give them to this charity/orphanage that I saw while reading other blogs) and yes, I won't ask for any other birthday gift.  Promise.  But as I said, if you wish to still give me item #2, who am I to refuse.
For this option, please send me an email or comment below so we could discuss how you could send them to me or how I could get them from you.

Gift#2: choose from any of the following
-all expense paid to Paris, London, Rome, New York (just choose one location please)
-all expense paid (by you because you are the gift giver) Caribbean cruise
-okay, this one is the cheapest.  Shopping spree in Hong Kong (thank you for sponsoring this one.  I so love to do this)
Please let me know immediately if you want to give me this so I could file a leave of absence from my work - I'm a busy frog, you know. Har har.

Gift#3: share this to other friends (Note: I can befriend them-har har) so I could collect more books and toys for my Birthday Book and Toy Drive.

That's it!

Thank you so much for supporting me on my endeavor (naks!) as I step into yet another year of being alive!

Thank you.

P.P.S.  That HAR HAR thing is not that cool.  I think.


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