Bohol-Cebu Trip: The Planning

Again, this is Ressie's and She's idea. :) And I oh soooo love it!

That is why, when they asked me if I wanted to join them, without any hesitation I said YES! Finally, I will be able to cross those places out of my long (and I mean very looooooong) list of places I wish to visit.

Tip #1: Set your budget and save for it.

In our case, the estimated maximum budget for the entire trip (two days and 1 night) is 8,000 each.  That is inclusive of airfare, ferry fare (from Tagbilaran to Cebu), Bohol countryside tour, accommodation, dophin watching, island hopping, food, cebu and mactan tour (that's going to be more of sight-seeing for the history addict <3 ), terminal fees etc.  The only exclusion is pasalubong.

So we'll not create so much damage on our monthly budget (especially for the months of November and December) we decided to set up a 'Travel Fund'.  Each of us would give 200 each payday from June until November.  It's not so big but it will surely help.

Tip #2: Book your flight as early as possible so you could catch those amazing seat promos.

Our flight for this trip was booked on June 1 but guess what, our trip is still on November 30.   We only paid around 2,600 each for the airplane fare.  The only exclusion to that amount is the terminal fee which is to be paid at the terminal prior departure.
Air Asia Rate
Tip #3: Choose your accommodation wisely.

Since we will be out touring Bohol the entire day and will only need a room to sleep and get some rest, we're not going to choose the expensive ones.

And hey! Did I mention, we are expecting some loose change? Seriously.

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