LASEMA Spa - Upon Arrival

We arrived at LASEMA spa just in time for our reservation - 10pm.  There were other customers when we got there - some were paying the full price while others have the Ensogo vouchers just like us. 

Note: If you are using an Ensogo voucher, make sure to have a reservation.  From what I heard, they may accept walk-ins but the total number of voucher holders that may be accommodated in a day is only 50.  So might as well, have the reservation.  Anyway, reserving is just one call away. :)

The spa is located inside Makati Golf Club and the building is not really that inviting.  Although the entrance and the hallway going inside the spa are (see pictures below: Reception Area). 

The signage pointing to LASEMA but oh please! Don't you think that it's too high?

Upon registration, we were give a pair of pink t-shirt and pink shorts (the official outfit inside the spa).  A wriststrap was also provided that comes with the locker key.  You have to use the wriststrap for all transactions inside the spa which will then be billed upon your check out.

We were also asked to select our massage so they could reserve us a slot.  I and She opted for the shiatsu and swedish combination while Jane chose deep tissue massage.

Up Next:  Take a Peek of the Women's Lounge

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