Intramuros: The Fort Santiago Today

Fort Santiago is one of the oldest Spanish stone fortresses in the country.  During the 16th century, it serves as a military defense structure.  It is also home to Jose Rizal's prison cell before he was executed.

Today, aside from being a popular tourist destination in Manila, Fort Santiago is also a popular venue for birthdays, weddings, pictorials and other social gatherings.

In early 2007, me and kiboy (who would later become my husband) went there for the 'historical' feel of it.  
The tickets during our 2007 visit

Little did we know that almost five years later, we would be back on its grounds for our pre-nuptial photo session.
With the reconstructed gate of Fort Santiago
During our last visit (that's almost a year and a half ago) the entrance fee is 75.00 and the discounted fee for students is 50.00.  The fort is open from 8am to 6pm daily.

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