LASEMA Spa - The Women's Wet Area

House Rule #3: You have to be NAKED when dipping in any of the pools.

The women's wet sauna is located across the locker area. That is why, it is nothing but normal to see these women naked while roaming in the lounge.

House Rule #4: Please take a shower before dipping in the pools.

If you are 'shy' but wanted to try these facility, I suggest you go there at the wee hours - when everybody else is sleeping!  I went there at 4 AM and had the whole area to myself.  Just make sure that your chosen time will not coincide with the cleaning time.
The shower room is equipped with shampoo and body wash but it is still best to bring your own.
The open shower area
Those who would avail of their body scrub service will be treated here.
There are three pools in the spa - Green Tea pool, Ginseng pool and the cold water pool.  When I went there, only the Ginseng pool is available.  So bad. The other two are being cleaned.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the 40 something degrees celsius of the pool.

I was able to try the Green Tea pool and cold water pool after the cleaning time.  Well, She, Jane and I definitely enjoyed swimming/relaxing there together.
Green Tea pool @ 42 deg.cel.
Ginseng pool @ 44 deg.cel.
Cold pool @ 28 deg.cel.
I was also able to try the wet sauna @ 45 deg.cel.  Hmmmm. It was soooo sulit!

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