Excited for the Sparty with the Girls

It started with a simple kwentuhan with Ressie and She about spas - saunas and massages.  The original plan is to go to Ace Waterspa since they offer a discounted rate via Metrodeal.  However, the location/branch was not so appealing since it's in Pasig.  As a result, we searched for other discounted spa deals and ended up at Ensogo - now Livingsocial

We stumbled upon Lasema Spa located in Makati City inside Makati Golf Club.  Although the deal is a little expensive compared to that of Ace Waterspa, we fell in love with it immediately. 

Buying the vouchers was not done right at that moment since we decided to invite other officemates but in the end, it is still me, Ressie, Ken (Ressie's boyfriend) , She and her sister.  But nonetheless, we're still hoping for an ultimate relaxation and nth level of bonding.

We opted to pay via 7-connect but unfortunately, during that time, I think their system is down.  So we ended up paying using a credit card the next day.

BOOKED finally.
Late that night, we called Lasema to book our preferred date and time.

And yes, we are VERY EXCITED! We will definitely try that - - - what is it again? an Igloo?

Update: Our Arrival at Lasema Spa.

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