LASEMA Spa - The Women's Lounge

House Rule #1: Shoes are not allowed inside.  You have to walk barefoot.

Upon entering the lounge, you will be greeted by the locker area (and some naked women).  You will find here the water dispenser, weighing scale, the sink, and some toiletries.  They are of course, free of charge.  However, it would still be best to bring your own.  :)

The Locker Area
The water dispenser and the big vanity mirrors :)
The weighing scale and the bulletin board for some spa announcements.
Seen on the rightmost part of the picture is the entrance to the wet area.
The toiletries.  We never bothered using any of them due to personal hygiene reasons.
House Rule #2: Since this area is just beside the wet area, picture-taking is not allowed when there are other spa-goers as it is mandatory to be naked at the wet area.

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