Rona's Greatest Masterpiece. YET.

I so wanted to blog about my tips for commuters especially for those who ride the PUJs and the LRT but unfortunately, I don’t know how to explain my tips so you could clearly visualize them.

I also cannot take a photo during my jeepney ride (snatchers are so everywhere. I can’t risk, you know.).  Same goes during my LRT ride.
So I decided to just draw the scenario so you could visualize my tips.
Yes, I’m that thoughtful.
You're welcome.

Earlier today, I got bored.  Ooooops! Don't get me wrong.  I have a long list of To Do's. I was busy (honestly!).  But boredom overtook me. :(

Since I am a GREAT artist when I'm bored, I drew this:

Awesome, right?
Thank you.

Though I enjoyed it, I'm still bored.
/since it only took me one minute to draw that. boastful huh!/

But aside from being a GREAT artist, I'm also a GREAT thinker when I'm bored.  Taaaadaaaah!

That is when I decided to take the time and draw my commuting Tip#1.
See? Even in boredom, I can be productive!

So here goes my Commuting Tip#1:

When you are the last passenger to ride that jeepney, and the others are not making any effort to give you some space to sit on, here's what you have to do:

See that shaded area in the picture above? Yes, that area where the red arrow is pointing at.  That is the space where you should sit.

And see that green arrow? That is where your back should rest.  Make sure that your back touches that side of the jeep.

Doing so will make your 'seatmates' annoyed to say the least.  That is because, you'll be sitting/hitting their hips or thighs which is really very annoying!

But remember, sit comfortably.
I repeat, comfortably.

Never mind how they would look at you for the next five seconds or so.
That is going to be worth it.  Chances are (and I mean, it is almost a sure thing) they will move sideways (away from you! - was it the right description?) and taaaadaaaah! you'll have enough space and you'll realize that there is enough space for everyone.

Commuting Tip#2:
If you are that 'seatmate', be considerate enough.

I shall be posting more tips when the mood strikes again :)

In other news, I've shown my girls my drawings and they were so happy about it (or so I thought!).So I offered to draw them too to which they got over excited! *wink*

So here, meet my the Time In area :)

Oh! Let me explain the last drawing.  I got tired.  That's just it.  It is an unfinished drawing. Seriously! Peace Kat!

/I was not able to get the permission of the morning Girls so no drawing for them/

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