Training 101

A couple of days ago, I attended the worst training session I can ever think of.
Yes, the worst.

That moment when you'd like to write "He is everything a trainer is not supposed to be." on the comment section of the evaluation form that says "Do not leave this blank.".  But of course, I did not do that.  I'm so nice to do that, you know.  Instead, I wrote the specific items that made him everything a trainer is not supposed to be.  Sorry.

I will not rant though.
What? I just did?
Uh oh!

Okay, although I am not a perfect trainer (who is by the way?) I will be sharing to you the things I have learned since I started training people - from co-employees coming from different levels of our organization to suppliers who would barely listen and ask again...then again.

So here goes:

1.  Come on time.
Although your participants or trainees will wait for you (as if they have a choice), you have to respect their schedule.  They have other stuffs to do - maybe not in the office since they have already allotted that day for you but consider the things they need to do back home.  They also have a life, you know.

Think about this:  they left their home earlier than usual just to arrive on time for your training. Who knows what they had given up? Nobody. Then, there YOU are, coming two hours late.

2. Wear something appropriate but make sure it is comfortable.
Remember, you are the trainer.  With that in mind, you should know that you will be standing in front most of the time.  You can go to the side, walk across the aisle or even walk around the hall/room but most of the time, you will be standing in front.  All eyes will be on you except those sleepy eyes and those that aren't interested at all.  Added to that is the fact that your participants will be sitting (at least most of the time) which will make you stand out in the room.  Eyes will really be on you.

Think about this: you are wearing a long sleeved polo topped with a coat (and a black pants of course! - silly you!) or a sleeveless dress (for women) then as soon as you arrive, you would start complaining about the temperature.  That's just very distracting! Not just for you but more so for your participants.


You might have opted to wear something because it looks good on you or maybe because it looks good but unfortunately, comfort isn't guaranteed.  So you'll end up either rolling the sleeves up and down while training (standing in front), pulling something here and there and the likes.  That is not just distracting but more of DISGUSTING.

3. Begin in a friendly way.
How you begin the training session will set the tone of the entire training.  Beginning in a friendly way doesn't mean giving your participants chocolates or stuffs (that's bribing! *wink*).  It is as simple as a Hi, a Hello or a greeting such as good morning, good afternoon or good evening whichever is applicable.

You are there to train and not to declare martial law. Right?
So smile.

4. Be prepared.
Nothing beats a prepared trainer.  Bring all the materials needed for the training.  Organize your files - powerpoint presentations, sample documents etc.  Make sure you know how to navigate through your files.  Know where that zoom button or slide show button is located, where to click this and that. As simple as that.

In case for some reason, you were not able to finish your materials, never say: "This presentation is not yet done." or "I wasn't able to finish my presentation for today."

Nobody will know unless you tell them.  Honesty is the best policy, that's true.  But you are not lying. Nobody is asking whether you have finished your presentation or not, anyway.  However, you still have to be prepared to explain the other topics that are part of the training. Yes, even without your cheat notes.

Well I guess, that's all for today.

Thank you for dropping by.
Until next time. :)

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