What I Did While Out of the Blogosphere

Friday saw me shopping for yet additional baking materials.  Talk about being serious on baking! :)  Met up with Kiboy after office hours at SM Megamall just in time for dinner. After a hefty dinner, I proceeded to check out the available baking equipment at the department store while Kiboy went on to check the latest toys at Jae's Collectibles (someday, I will be writing about his collections!).  Friday wasn't so great.  I only managed to buy the round baking pans which I will be using for Aya's birthday cake.  Dropping by the supermarket, I was able to buy some baking ingredients. Awesome!

It rained heavily on that night so instead of going to Sitel's office (Kiboy's employer) to claim his company shirt, we headed home - on a bus caught in super heavy traffic.  What was I supposed to expect, we were at EDSA.

We woke up to a cold Saturday morning after snoozing for five more minutes...then another five...then another. :) Saturday was spent mall hopping.  The agenda?

1.  Get a gelatin mold for Leila (the ever supportive engineering assistant)
2.  Get  a chocolate mold for me (ahem!)
3.  Get Rhino for Kiboy
4.  Get that WWF figure Kiboy has always wanted (at least for a couple of weeks or so)

Since we were not able to get his company shirt last night, here's agenda #5: drop by Sitel's and get a company shirt (so important huh!)

Our first stop was at Robinsons Galleria where we bought Rhino.

Next is Sitel.  However, on our way there, the rain had started pouring again and the wind was blowing so hard.  Kiboy wanted to cancel that route but I insisted since we were already there.  Unfortunately, the personnel said claiming is only from 3pm to 12mn Mondays to Fridays.  Wasted time?  I can't tell for sure.

That being said, we headed to our third stop - Jae's Collectibles, SM Megamall.  Arriving at the mall, we immediately proceeded to Jae's.  But upon thorough inspection, Kiboy did not bought the WWF figure.  The reason? - he wasn't satisfied with its packaging (the collector's eye was turned on at the time)

The fourth and last stop was Landmark, Trinoma.  Though I was able to get the gelatin and chocolate molds that I wanted plus some muffin liners and not to mention a bonus silicon spatula, I wasn't so happy.  I felt, I needed more :(

I guess that's all for saturday.

Sunday came so soon.  Nothing much aside from cleaning the house, preparing the office clothes for the coming week, hearing mass and blogging a little.  Little did I know that sunday night is going to be drastically remarkable.

I embarked on a chicken roasting activity for dinner.  I was so excited but to cut the super long and agonizing story, I burnt my hand.  Yes, burnt my hand.

But that was not the worst weekend ending yet.  We didn't like the chicken.  It was a super failure.
Sunday, was a never-to-be-repeated day.  Of course, who wants to be burnt time and again?

The rain poured heavily since Sunday night and we woke up to a flooded highway on Monday.  Oh flood!  I decided to stay home and be safe the whole morning since the major roads that I will take going to the office are flooded.  I never wanted to have a Maring Typhoon experience part 2.

The rain had stopped around noon.  I went to the office because there are a lot of things to do - and I mean A LOT.

Tuesday was not that good too.  I left my keys at home which means I won't be able to open my shoe locker and my office drawers! My morning was saved because my newly issued ESD shoes was under my table and not on my shoe locker.  So I was using a new shoes on TS audit's first day...awesome...but it was not comfortable.  I want my old shoes.

Good thing that I have the spare keys so my day went ahead as usual.
Arriving home during that night was a different story though.  I don't have the keys which means I have to call someone to open the gate and doors for me.  I can't use the doorbell for some reason which I can't tell you.  It's a secret, you know. :)  Other thing is, I can't call father to open the gate because of cellphone signal issues.

While I was outside the house, a vehicle had stopped directly in front of me.  Opened the window to the passenger side but never said a word.  I was tempted to ask if he needs anything but decided not to.  I thought, if he needed anything or wanted to know something, he should have asked and not just stopped in front of me.  He was looking at me as if he wants to talk to me.  The friendliest in me thought that he was a jerk, a kidnapper, a rapist?, a killer?  I'm not sure.  But the point is, no one in the right frame of mind will actually stop directly in front of a private residence if he/she doesn't need anything from that residence.

I was reminded of Kae Davantes' case.  She was grabbed when she was about to enter the gates of her house, robbed and killed thereafter.  I immediately took refuge at a nearby internet shop.  After about five minutes, the vehicle left without saying a word - just in time so father won't catch him staying in front of our house for no reason.  Good for him!

Wednesday is Aya's birthday and the second day of our TS audit.  Remember the birthday cakes I told you about? I was not able to bake them.  I was just so tired, sleepy, tired, sleepy  Had I mentioned, tired?  They were supposed to look like this:

I don't have much to do with the audit on its first day and second day.  Except that, I was expected to stay and wait for any thing that might be needed from me.  And you know what?  That's the hardest and the most tiring of all activities.

Thursday is my audit day.  I was on the production line for most of the day.  Sat with the Malaysian auditor (he's not the lead auditor by the way) for the MSA (measurement systems analysis) audit, stayed doing nothing from 6pm to 10pm except for the document review, data monitoring and line checking (and I call that nothing). And oh, waiting again for the graveyard shift audit that should start promptly at 10pm.  We went home at 11:45pm

I arrived home at 1:30am.
Hey! It's already Friday.

The audit result released on Friday afternoon wasn't really bad but it wasn't good either.
I went home early.

Met up with Kiboy again at SM Megamall (because he works nearby).

Saturday, I was supposed to be blogging but I needed to clean the clutter in the house.  Kiboy was sick so I accompanied him to the clinic with the weirdest doctor in town :)

So here, I'm blogging on a super early Sunday morning (early based on my Sunday waking up habit) and catching up on the latest and hottest blogosphere happenings while waiting for the mall opening hours.  Yikes!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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