The Wonders of Umbrella

Until the sun comes out again for you, my umbrella is big enough for two.

You have to carry one every single day of your life (I think so! or so I thought!).

It will protect you against the scorching heat of the sun

and your friends will ask 'What's with the payong (umbrella)? :)

It will protect you against the rain (pouring like crazy or not)
/sorry Kat, I stole your profile picture. And thank you, too!/

You may use it as a cane

You may also use it as a weapon.  In fact, that's the only weapon (aside from alcohol and pepper spray?) that will be allowed inside the LRT/MRT (subway) without any question (at least in my opinion).

Aside from its daily purpose, you may also use it for pictorial – pre-nuptial, wedding, etc.

 Or an accessory during a costume party!

And take home the Best in Costume Award! :)

So what are you waiting for?
Own one today!

Thank you Google images for the cane, weapon and wedding pictures!

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