Mr. T's Inasal: A Major No No

Don't ask me who Mr. T is. I do not know.
What I know is, it is a restaurant along Mac Arthur highway in Valenzuela and that I am very disappointed with their service.

Do they have any other branch?  Who cares!
Nonetheless, this post is only about the restaurant in Valenzuela.

I was caught in super heavy traffic.  By that I mean, twice as much travel time going home.  So instead of cooking dinner, I decided to check Mr. T's out.

The scene when I went inside:

One table was occupied by a lady busy with her phone while waiting for her order.
One table was occupied by a group (if I remembered it right, there were five of them) about to finish their meal.
One man was seated in front (near the counter) waiting for his order as well.
There were about eight tables inside.
I occupied one table and ordered Pinakbet and Bangus belly for take-out.
Outside, I saw two groups having beer.

Five minutes later, the group paid their bill and went out.
Another five minutes later, the lady's order was served.  From what I saw, it is a noodle soup.
Then came the man's order...3 orders of rice for take-out.

I was left waiting.



After what seems like forever (that's 30 minutes), my order was not available yet.
I just ordered Pinakbet and Bangus belly!

I made a follow up and the woman who took my order went inside the kitchen.
Never said a word.

After another ten minutes.

I was still waiting.

I stood up and saw that the woman who took my order was arguing with the cook asking for my order.

What? my order?
Does that mean, my orders are not available yet?
That's already 40 minutes, my dear!

It's going to be okay if there were other customers.
But, it's just me.

I left without saying a word.

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