Amansinaya: Zipline and Wall Climb at Pugadlawin Adventure Camp

I have always imagined myself gliding through that zipline but the high 'launch pad' really scares me.  I can't even climb the stairs.  Bottom line is, I was not able to slide (but managed to get to the launch area).  It was so sayang!  Maybe next time. :)

Kiboy, on the other hand, had enjoyed the zipline so much while I enjoyed taking photos of him :)

At the other side of the zipline launch pad is the 40 feet high wall for climbers.  Oh well, I did not attempt to climb that (I remember having muscle pains when I attempted to climb the wall during UPLB's Feb Fair '13) as well.  I just watched Kiboy be the Spiderman that he wished to be :)  Some of our friends also climbed the wall (even the kids!).

For those who wish to have a light to moderate adrenaline rush, this side of the Pugadlawin Adventure Camp is for you.

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