Amansinaya: The Giant Soccerball and Rope Challenge

To get that team-building feeling, we divided ourselves into two groups for a mini competition: The Giant Soccerball and Rope Challenge.  The group who would finish the challenge faster wins the game.

The mechanics:
> each group will do the challenge separately (as there is only one giant soccerball).  They will be timed using Cha's ever reliable wrist watch.
> each group will have to roll the giant soccerball until it reaches the agreed place
> cross the hanging bridge
> cross the I-don't-know-how-it-is-called (please see the photo below)
> the time will be stopped once all members of the group is finish with the challenge
> the group with lesser time wins the game

Group 1: Ms. Con, me, Puree, Jenny, Kat, MJ, Michael, Ken

Group 2: Loida, Cha, Lei, Ressie, She, Brando, Kiboy, Donna

The winner is........: Group 2!
And the prize is......: The awesome feeling of being the winner :)

The next rope challenge is called The Tarzan Swing/Rope. I seriously think it should be the mud swing since you would fall on the mud in case you won't be able to cross to the other side.  Only a few of us had tried this and since it's the last stop for Pugadlawin Adventure Camp, everybody is excited to leave. As such, we have the fewest pictures on this side of the camp.

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