Amansinaya: Ambon-Ambon Falls

The falls is roughly two kilometers away from the drop-off point.  It is actually outside the Amansinaya Mountain Resort but due to its close proximity to the resort, a guided tour is being offered.

There is also a shuttle service that would bring guests to the drop-off point and back to the resort.  The guided tours are scheduled at 9am-11am and at 1pm-3pm.  We got the morning session to avoid the scorching heat of the afternoon sun.
Her Majesty.  Taken a few big rocks away.
Seeing the falls is such a delight.  The area surrounding it is clean.  The water below it: muddy.  I think that's normal considering the pressure of the water that disturbs the sand underneath.

The water is really refreshing.  Personally, I enjoyed a lot though there are more people than I have expected.

Top: Me enjoying the water; posing with Puree and Brando
Bottom: Chilling at the foot of the falls-Michael, me, Brando, Mami Tats, hubby and Ms. Con; Me and Kiboy
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