Amansinaya: Infinity Pool

The last stop of our Amansinaya day tour is the infinity pool.  When we got there, Kiboy was very excited that he was the first in our group to take a plunge.

Of course, everybody had fun under the sun (well actually, under the bridge) to avoid that frightening sunburn!

Me and Kiboy under the bridge :)
Group picture under the bridge :)

Note:  Be careful!  The bridge is made of sturdy stone.  You'll really get hurt if you bump into it.  Some of us did :(

Postcard-perfect background.
The underwater shot.  Thanks She!
Those who wish to stay overnight may stay in the guestroom/house shown below. The rates are available here.

Finally, here are my thoughts on the facilities at the Infinity Pool:
> Parking - big enough
> Pool - cold, clean and really big.
> Cottages - free of charge but are infested with flies.
> Garbage Bins - sucks big time!
> Shower room - shower not working, not well-maintained

Note:  If you intend to buy fruits to be taken home, don't buy here.  The fruits are way too expensive than if you buy them on the market.

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