Amansinaya: Mudslide at Pugadlawin Adventure Camp

After my unsuccessful attempt at zipline and wall, we headed to Mudslide.  It is a 100-meter water slide (the water coming from those who are taking the shower at the top of the slide).  It is actually not the mudslide that I have envisioned.  But still, I have enjoyed it.

The Amansinaya mudslide is a big slide covered with plastic with water running in it.  I guess, it is called a mudslide because at the end of the slide, the dirty water-mud-fallen leaves-etc awaits you.  As in, yikes!
Top: Cha-me-Mj
Bottom: She-Brando-Puree
Kiboy was not allowed to slide because of his eyeglasses.  He was required to remove it so he could slide but he simply can't for safety reasons :)

Note: Follow the instructions of the guide and wear the proper attire.

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