Amansinaya: The Planning

Planning for this year's team outing was a bit hard (especially so if there are people who won't cooperate).  But nonetheless, we pushed through with the planning (of course, with Ms. Con's guidance, perseverance and understanding).  We even invited some of our office mates.

Posing for the camera during one of our pre-trip meetings :)
Our destination: Amansinaya Mountain Resort  located at Laurel, Batangas.  The resort is great for those who love nature tripping and for team buildings as well.  It is roughly two hours away from Manila.

We got our tickets at Metrodeal for 340.00.  The original price of which is 938.00. Included on that amount are: entrance fee, use of swimming pool, mudslide, wall climb, zipline and a guided trek to Ambon Ambon falls.

Armed with our vouchers, we reserved May 19 for that would-be wonderful and fun-filled getaway.

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