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Update November 6, 2013
Here's a link going directly to our entry:

I rarely make requests - at least over the internet - but this one is different. You know, supporting the husband on his endeavor 
So, what's my request?
Click the link below and look for Max 'badboy' Liwag then click like. The top 10 dogs with the most likes will have a chance to get a free training from The Pinoy Dog Whisperer. 
Maybe not much for some, but the husband wants (badly wants) that for our bridal dog, Max.

And oh, liking my post (this) is appreciated but it won't count as a vote so please open the link above and like our Max from there. Thank you!

Voting/liking is open until November 17, 2013 5pm.  Below is our entry.

*entries are found on the comment section of the facebook link above


  1. Oh my, your dog is a beauty! I had a rottie too, AKO was our joy, we got him as a pup. Later at 14, we put him to sleep, he had a hip problem.

    1. Thank you, Mercy for dropping by.
      Thank you also for campaigning for our Max!
      He was already ours even before he was born. He was brought home from Bataan a few weeks before our wedding so technically, he arrived in the house before I did! Maybe that is why, he feels he is superior than I and tries to bully me when my husband - his master is not around. :)
      I think hip problems are common to the breed that's why my husband is very cautious in giving him exercises that might cause hip problems in the future.
      Max and our pit bull, Bruno are our joy, too! I can't imagine putting them to sleep many many years later! It must have been awful.


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