My Blogging Experience

-so far.

In my quest for a venue where I could just rant and rave about a lot of things in life, I found blogging. 

Though I have created and abandoned blogs before, I would always – and I mean, always end up blogging especially on occasions where I am just so (I can’t find the word) that I want to go nagging.  But of course, I just can’t nag – at least not in the house.  So, all those frustrations, disappointments and well, nags are instead chronicled on blogs.  I rest knowing that all those crazy stuffs are never to be found by anyone or at least they won’t be found by people who personally know me (or else I’ll be doomed!).

So, when I created this blog in June this year, I chose Memoir Extraordinaire as its name.
(psst! You might be wondering – my entries before June 2013 were selected entries from my other abandoned blogs)

Does it sound like it’s a Filipina’s blog?
Though I have an explanation for choosing that – see it here – one of the reasons why I didn’t chose a blog name with a high probability of being easily recalled is that I DON’T WISH TO BE SEEN in the web.

Go, google Memoir Extraordinaire.  You’ll be on the 10th page already but you still won’t see my blog.  That was a success! I was able to hide my writings *wink*

But that was before I met all of you. 
I have changed.  I don’t rant (that much) anymore.  I was inspired by your stories that I wish to inspire others too.  May blogging be my companion in doing so.
I do not know or at least I can’t remember how exactly it all started.  What I can remember is that my first readers are people from Europe (maybe because of my blog’s name) and maybe, just maybe, they got disappointed because they really can’t relate to my stories plus some of my oldest post have Filipino words (without translation) in them.

I met all of you through blog hops.
I stumbled upon the very first hop – The Weekend Block Party – that I joined through Can’t Google Everything (Oh, please don’t ask me how I found her because I can’t remember anymore or maybe I googled something and she appeared).  With the hops she’s hosting I met some of you.  Others, I met through blog hops hosted by other bloggers I stumbled on while blog hopping.  That was indeed fun!  I enjoyed reading your posts.

It was only one month and five days since I started blogging seriously (that means, blogging is no longer on the back seat) and I gained 97 followers (I hope all of them or at least most of them would read, enjoy, learn and get inspired by my experiences).  And in that one month, I met a fellow Filipina who blogs from Europe, Mercy Gallardo.  It thrilled me to know that I have met her though she's living half way around the globe through this medium – blogging.

Blogging can indeed connect people.

But somehow, I felt different.  It feels like something is missing.

It keeps me wondering if there are other Filipino bloggers, aside of course from those who make it big in the blogging scene like Chuvaness and Bag Hag (they are my examples before I stalk them *wink*) and travel bloggers like Am-bot ah! and Lakwatsero or those bloggers with specialization like fashion, food, politics, history etc.  I wish to meet personal bloggers (is that how we should be called?).

Little did I know that there are a lot!
I found Top Blogs Philippines and joined.

Earlier today, I found Blogs ng Pinoy while reading personal blogs from Top Blogs.  Oh, there are really a lot of pinoy blogs.
I have already started reading some of them.  Joined contest they are hosting. And left behind some comments!
It felt great reading blogs written by Filipinos and of course written in Filipino/Tagalog.

I guess, blogs ng pinoy is very similar to a blog hop.  The main idea is the same (from where I stand, it looks the same).  You can find there a list of Pinoy blogs based on different categories.
In the hope of connecting with my fellow Filipino bloggers, I have enlisted my blog and guess what?


The process was very easy but translating the blog description to Filipino (Tagalog for that matter) was pretty difficult.  It was a requirement though.  That would (sort of) make sure you are a pinoy blogger.

So, what is my blog description’s Tagalog version?

Salaysay ng mga karanasan sa buhay na nagiging dahilan upang itong paglalakbay ay maging mas makahulugan, kapanapanabik, masaya at kung anu-ano pa

Hooo!  Dumugo ang ilong ko dyan. Ilang oras ko kayang inisip yan at ilang revisions din.

Anyway, I am very excited to read more of the pinoy blogs and oh, I will still stalk the non-pinoy blogs for sure!


  1. I am new too blogging and I am excited too connect with fellow bloggers and learn and inspire from them all. I am glad that you have been able to find a blogging community that you can truly connect with and be happy!

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, Crystal.
      I'm sure you'll enjoy blogging because aside from being able to express yourself, you'll gain friends, too. I am also excited to connect with fellow bloggers like you. Whether you are connected with fellow bloggers from your country or from other countries, as long as you share the same interests, I'm sure, you'll be truly happy. Happy blogging!


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