My Secret Santa

Christmas is definitely in the air.  I am so excited about it and so are my girls!
In fact, very excited that we started the Kris Kringle earlier.  By earlier I mean, this September. :)

To keep the fun and excitement, we will only do it for six days - Sept. 30, Oct. 15, Oct. 30, Nov. 15, Nov. 30 and the ultimate gift would be given on our Christmas party.

Oh, here's the twist: aside from the themed gift, a different Secret Santa will be assigned to each of us on each of the six days.

Are we going to implement the 'No Repeat' rule?
Hmmm.  We haven't talked about that.
We'll see. :)

Anyway, here's what I got from my September 30 Secret Santa

The theme:  LONG AND SOFT.
It's really long. I just folded it to fit in the frame :).  What you see is only 1/4 of the actual length.

Whoever that Secret Santa is,


*the original Santa image is from Google Images

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